Welcome to the medical and health practitioners website for Carbohydrate Restricted Diets.

This website has been designed primarily by GPs for GPs and Health Professionalss looking to support patients following a low carbodhyrate diet to manage diabetes.

It is the view of this team of GPs that:

a Carbohydrate Restricted Diet should be the first treatment of Diabetes.

In the Research Area we have provided the support for this statement.

If you want further support or guidance please go to theTrianing Area or contact us for one to one advice.

If you would like to use our patient handouts they are available in the relevant section and we will be adding recipes and support documentation to this area.

This website is primarily made up of documentation created and used by GPS and is supported by the leading charity Matthews Friends.

Founding GPs and Health Professionals

  • Dr David Unwin
  • Dr Katherine Morrison
  • Dr Joanne McCormack
  • Dr Trudi Deakin


We will provide brief but accurate reports on all published research in relation to the keto diet for the management of Diabetes. To keep up to date please join our mailing list.


If you want some online or person to person training please click here and find the next course available near you or read the presentations that have been produced by GPs for GPs.

Patients Handouts

Please download our patient handouts to help your patients follow a keto low carb diet and if you need more advice or help please click here to contact our support team.